Terms & Conditions

1.The trainees/participants shall observe and abide by all terms and conditions contained herein. 2. The trainees shall not misbehave and/ or commit ill disciplinary behavior at the academy during coaching sessions otherwise such trainees shall not be allowed to participate in of the academy’s programs. In such cases no refund will be granted. 3. All trainees must wear cricket whites or tracksuits at all times during indoor and outdoor coaching sessions. When indoor non-marking appropriate footwear must be worn. No Black soled, studs or spiked footwear. 4.For safety regulations/reasons a helmet must be worn when batting and standing up to stumps when wicket keeping. 5.Our coaches and staff are authorized to make appropriate checks for any illegal material or equipment for safety reasons and we reserve our right to suspend player(s) membership or participation in any of our coaching programs in which case no refund will be made.