About ESM Cricket Academy

ESM (Excel Sports Management Services) has been promoting Test, ODI, First Class, and ECB qualified players to the UK clubs and Counties since 1996. Our expertise in identifying the right talent and providing opportunities for players to flourish in the UK has been instrumental to our success over a number of years now. ESM was founded by the late Dr Mo Aslam , a great cricket enthusiast , with a vision to provide a platorm for local grass root level talent to enjoy the game and make a smooth transition into adult cricket.

The Academy is an off shoot of our agency services where we are looking to develop our contribution at the local grass root and national level. We will endeavour to find and develop talent for the future by providing access to expert coaching at all levels throughout the year. At ESM Cricket Academy we fundamentally believe that we will be able to provide opportunities and a platform for all to enjoy cricket, develop skills and provide links to Senior Clubs and Counties.

  • Highly qualified and credible coaching team driven to develop players games
  • Individualised coaching programmes identifying developent areas
  • High intensity drills and masterclasses to help maximise performance
  • Regular guest appearances by First Class and Test Cricketers.
  • Increased exposure for talented players and links to Premier League Clubs and First Class/Minor Counties
  • An Indoor Cricket League.
  • National and International cricket tours

The ESM Cricket Academy encourages applications from all walks of life regardless of age, ability, race, gender or background.

The ESM Cricket Academy will strive to provide access and opportunities for all to participate, enjoy and excel in cricket.

Our Aims

It is the aim of the ESMCA to be a Centre of Excellence in:-

  • Providing expert cricket education and coaching.
  • Working to improve the technical and psychological elements of players game to maximise performance
  • Creating and managing an indoor cricket league